Trauma Informed Care – The Time Is Now

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We all know the negative impact of isolation on seniors living in our communities, but I had never heard it referred to as “confinement syndrome”. In an article published in JAMDA, that is the term used to describe the signs of depression, isolation, delirium, decreased cognitive awareness, etc. that our residents have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. If …

Mental Health in Assisted Living

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Serious mental illness is quite possibly one of the largest growing health concerns in our communities. I have recently had several clients reach out to ask about suicide prevention/self-harm best practices, policies, and protocols. It made me stop and think, do we have a bigger problem with mental health than we are willing to acknowledge? So, I did a little …

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Exercise and Depression

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I have always heard about “endorphins kicking in” when people exercise, I’m still waiting! Maybe I have a shortage of endorphins but whatever the case, most people enjoy exercise because of the endorphin high. Researchers have now identified even more benefits to exercising that may encourage everyone to get out of the office for 30 minutes! In a recent study …

COVID-19 and Increased Medication Use

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The pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us, but even more so for residents living in post-acute centers. We have all witnessed the loneliness, isolation, physical and mental declines and if that isn’t troubling enough, a recent study found a significant increase in residents receiving antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, trazodone hydrochloride, anticonvulsants, and opioids. If you think about …

Depression in Dementia with Lewy Body

Remember to Care

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“As vaccination has allowed nursing homes to open up a little, thousands of family members are seeing older loved ones with a disturbing clarity not possible during FaceTime calls and window visits. Even under the best of circumstances, the oldest seniors tend to decline over a year. But experts on dementia and aging say there is little doubt that isolation …


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The percentage of adults who had symptoms of anxiety or a depressive disorder during the past 7 days and those with unmet mental health needs during the past 4 weeks increased significantly from August 2020 to February 2021, with the largest increases among those aged 18-29 years and those with less than high school education. During January 20, 2021-February 1 …

COVID-19 Infection – Neurological Risk

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People who have had COVID-19 may have an increased risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder such as anxiety or depression. Researchers looked at the medical records of 69 million people in the United States between January 20 and August 1, 2020. The data included 62,000 people who contracted COVID-19 as part of what the authors described as the …

Senior Depression – Not Seeking Care

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Can you believe that 1 in 3 respondents age 65+ think they can just “snap out of it” when asked about their symptoms of depression? A new nationwide poll, the GeneSight Mental Health Monitor, shows that nearly two-thirds (61%) of Americans age 65 or older who have concerns about having depression will not seek treatment! “The ‘pull yourself up by …

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Depression – Tough to Treat

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Depression challenges many of our residents and sometimes it just doesn’t seem to matter how many times we adjust medications, add medications and discontinue medications; we still struggle to find that happy place for them. However, there is some good news coming from Stanford Medicine where researchers used electroencephalography (EEG) and an algorithm to identify a brain-wave signature in individuals …

Depression in Dementia with Lewy Body

Senior Depression – Social Distancing

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Have you ever wanted to go out shopping or visiting somewhere and couldn’t for some reason? Think about the feelings that accompanied that – upset, angry, sad, frustrated, depressed. During our social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 outbreak, our residents feel this now more than ever! Research has shown that if we offer structure and various activities, moods will increase; …