Let Them Sleep!

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Delirium. We have all had residents in our centers who experienced delirium, many times resulting in a negative outcome. We often track the onset of delirium to an emergency room transfer, hospitalization, infection, etc. but have we looked at the possibility that interrupted sleep increases the risk of delirium? In a limited study published in Medscape, researchers found that with …

Cancer Medication – Increased Risk for Falls

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Bortezomib is a common multiple myeloma therapy that can cause treatment-related peripheral neuropathy, a risk factor for falls. The relationship between bortezomib and falls in older patients with multiple myeloma is unknown. In a recent study published in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology, in older adults with multiple myeloma, bortezomib was associated with an increased risk of having a diagnostic …

Frailty and falls in the elderly

Patient-Centered Fall-Prevention Toolkit

Angie Szumlinski Health, Studies

Falls represent a leading cause of preventable injury in hospitals and a frequently reported serious adverse event. Hospitalization is associated with an increased risk for falls and serious injuries including hip fractures, subdural hematomas, or even death. A recent, nonrandomized, controlled trial assessed whether a fall-prevention tool kit that engages patients and families in the fall prevention process throughout hospitalization …