Single Dose Every 6 Months

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Frail elderly people are at high risk of negative outcomes related to medications as their bodies do not process them as quickly as younger people. The risk to these elders includes toxicity, hypotension (low blood pressure), kidney failure, dehydration, etc. So why do we continue to give these medications? Simple, it is the standard of care, and in the event …

There You Have It!

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In the middle of a busy day, my cell phone rings AGAIN! Is it someone wanting something, is there an emergency, or is it a scam caller looking for my money? Hard to know, so I looked at the caller ID and it is an unknown scam caller. Well, at least I don’t have to answer it this time, but …

Hypertension Blood Pressure

Hypertension Could Lead to Dementia

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Recent studies have shown that people with hypertension in midlife have a higher risk of developing dementia. This study, although limited, may be important to you and the caregivers in your communities. Unfortunately, many of our residents are past midlife and this information may not be relevant to them. That said, it may be helpful for your staff, family members …