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Remember your mom standing over you in the bathroom explaining the importance of good oral care? I know you do because I do, and I also remember sneaking to bed at night without brushing and not getting caught! Today, of course, as adults we brush our teeth several times a day, at least morning and night (hopefully)!  For those of …

Oral Care

SNF Patients Dependent on Staff for Oral Care Have Lower Oral Hygiene Scores

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The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program targets pneumonia as a critical disease because it has the highest mortality and morbidity rates of all hospital-acquired infections and a major threat to patients in long term care facilities. Many of the risk factors for pneumonia involve oral hygiene and oral care, including pathogens in the oral cavity and trouble swallowing properly. Aspiration pneumonia, …

Oral Care

Care Program Released for Oral Hygiene for Cognitively and Physically Impaired

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UNC’s Center for Health Services Research has unveiled Mouth Care without a Battle, a care guide available in two versions. One for In-Service training, and another for in-depth training, especially concerning program and nursing implementation. The program highlights the many health risks of poor oral hygiene. It also focuses on best practices such as the use of interdental brushes instead …