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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Whenever I hear the term PTSD, I think about the many men and women who served their country and are living with this debilitating diagnosis. Thanking them for their service is easy, living with PTSD is not. What we rarely think about are other people, maybe someone you know, who may be living with PTSD without ever having served their …

PTSD – Severe COVID-19 Infection

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In a study published in JAMA Network, from April 21 to October 15, 2020, the post-acute care service assessed 381 white patients who had recovered from COVID-19 infection within 30-120 days, 166 (43.6%_ of whom were women with a mean age was 55.26. During acute COVID-19 illness, most patients were hospitalized, with a mean length of hospital stay of 18.41 …