That Time of Year

Angie Szumlinski News

Yep, we have deer season, duck season, baseball season, football season and probably a ton of other “seasons” but “diet season?” Oh yes, we begin talking about diets in November as we sit down to our traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. “Just one more scoop of mashed potatoes, I’m starting my diet January 1.” Sound familiar? We tend to sabotage ourselves for the remainder of the year, eating, drinking, and reveling! Then comes January 1st, dun, dun, dun… 

Sure, the first 10 pounds might come off quickly but honestly, those are the 10 you gained over the holidays! Then we slip a little and promise ourselves to get back on track tomorrow. Like many people, tomorrow never comes and although you enjoy the 10 pound loss, you still carry the extra pounds you don’t like. As if this isn’t dismal enough, researchers have found that the diet quality of weight loss-seeking adults is less than ideal. Hmmmm…I wonder why? 

I’m not a researcher but I have been a dieter and I can tell you a pitfall many of us “dieters” fall into is eating what we think is healthy in overabundance. Yes, you have heard it here before, moderation. Sure, fresh berries in the winter are yummy especially in pie…. doesn’t count as healthy! Bananas are a great source of potassium but not so healthy if you eat them with ice cream! I am being a little facetious of course but look at your food choices. If you are denying yourself everything you love you are doomed, life is short, eat the berries and bananas regularly and only eat the pie and ice cream occasionally! You can do it! Stay informed and stay well!