The Coronavirus

Angie SzumlinskiNews

As I was listening to the evening news
My eyelids got heavy and I took a little snooze.
Everything was real, or so it would seem
In this Topsy-Turvy world as I began to dream.

Panic was abounding all over the land
With everything seeming to get out of hand.
A virus was spreading over every nation
Upsetting the peacefulness of all creation.

How long it would last, no one really knew.
Strict rules were being made, numbering quite a few.
Public gatherings were all being shut down.
This was happening all over the town.

The dilemma involved each and every school
Where no more classes was the general rule.
Moms had to stay home to care for their brood
While getting back to cooking all the family’s food.

Shortages were occurring in every store.
Where supplies, such as toilet paper, were no more
The bread shelves were looking very bare.
Panic buying was taking place everywhere.

Most people were trying to cooperate
To stop the virus at an early date.
Visitors were banned from my facility
Causing me to live in a state of tranquility.

Sometime this saga will come to an end.
On that conclusion we can depend.
The time wasn’t apparent in my dream
Because I woke up too soon, it would seem.

Agnes Andreasen (95 years old)
The Heritage at Sagewood
Grand Island, NE