The End of a Journey?

Angie Szumlinski News

COVID-19, the pandemic of 2020, SARS, Corona Virus, vaccinations, monoclonal antibodies, Dr. Fauci, Will Smith? Are we really at the end of a journey? Maybe, just maybe, or are we on a new journey? One where people openly disrespect each other? The headline on national news is no longer COVID or Dr. Fauci but rather, Will Smith, Chris Rock, and the Oscars!

It is actually a little disturbing, we are not completely out of the woods with COVID variants and are possibly on the brink of World War III in Ukraine and yet an actor smacking a comedian in the face on national TV has held prime time news headlines for over a week! Not getting too deep in the weeds, I have personally witnessed people disrespecting other people, drivers running other cars off the road, shopping carts ramming into other carts in grocery aisles, etc. So, what happened to us? What happened to kindness and respect?

Do I think Will Smith was justified in smacking Chris Rock for his comment about Will’s wife? Maybe, but was there a more civilized way to address his anger? Maybe. Not sitting as judge and jury, but, bottom line, everyone needs to take a deep breath, focus on what is important, and avoid the media when they blow things up and focus on things that in today’s world don’t matter! Take that moment to breathe, what is happening and why? How can you stay calm, be the bigger person, share random acts of kindness, move on and breathe!. Stay the course, stay informed and be well!