Many rolls of toilet paper

TP Caper

Angie Szumlinski News

I still remember the night I drove over to my parent’s apartment to drop off a 4 pack of toilet paper, it was June 2020, and the “virus” had spread! It is interesting to me that toilet paper became such a focus for so many people. You could see lines at groceries stores with carts overflowing with toilet paper. Then, just like that, grocery stores said “STOP”! You were only allowed to hoard a certain number of rolls per person so that everyone had an opportunity to purchase the needed paper!

When I look back it makes me chuckle, just a little, because none of us truly ran out of toilet paper did we? Everyone pitched in, shared, called each other when they saw a new shipment being delivered at the corner grocery store, and off we ran! Think about it, studies have shown that the average adult uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. I know, who the heck has time to study the number of squares you roll off the roll each day? But honestly, I was counting the squares I used each day just in case we started to run short, silly right?

Sadly, the focus is again on toilet paper! It is okay to worry a little about most things we take for granted with the shipping and trucking crisis looming in front of us but everyone needs to take a deep breath. We will not run out of toilet paper, honest, just remember to use only 4 squares at a time and you will be fine (kidding)! Stay well, stay informed and stay tuned!