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Have you checked the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) website lately? A press release was sent out on March 3, 2010 regarding unavoidable pressure ulcers. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s recent consensus conference panelists agreed that patients who choose not to participate in their own pressure ulcer prevention could develop unavoidable pressure ulcers. They also agreed that there are clinical situations in which the development of pressure ulcers can be unavoidable.

So what are you doing with that resident who is non-compliant with preventive measures?  Hopefully you have a comprehensive care plan in place that addresses the issue of non-compliance.  It is also highly recommended that you provide educational opportunities for the resident and document such in the medical record.  Some residents also benefit from “contracts”, signing an agreement that they will participate in the prevention program.  Bottom line, it is our responsibility to be sure residents are receiving the care needed to avoid a negative outcome so never give up! 

It is great that this nationally recognized organization released a statement that supports the unavoidability factor! To read the news release in its entirety, please go to www.NPUAP.org