Unnecessary Medications – F329

Angie SzumlinskiUncategorized

Regulatory citations are on the rise for unnecessary medications under F tag 329 and interestingly, the most recent OIG report focuses on the use of atypical anti-psychotic medications and F329 in Skilled Nursing Facilities.  HealthCap’s most recent newsletter explains how this report can assist your facility in maintaining compliance with F329.  Unfortunately, as in year’s past, many citations will be received before we as an industry make the necessary changes to address the issue.

The recommendations are very clear and although CMS has made some suggestions regarding the language, the overall concept of reducing the use of atypical anti-psychotic medications is one that everyone should be embracing.  Remember, the interpretive guidelines are clear on the accepted standards for use of these medications.  If you feel your facility is at risk of being cited, please discuss your concerns with your pharmacy representative and/or psychiatric consultants.  Remember, it is our responsibility to not only maintain compliance with state, federal and OIG regulations but more importantly, we need to be sure we are doing what is best for our residents.

Watch for our latest edition of the HealthCap Risk Management newsletter and be sure to utilize the information to further improve your resident outcomes!