Vaccine – Prevent Symptoms, Not Virus?

Angie SzumlinskiFeatured, Health

As we eagerly await new updates about potential coronavirus vaccines, questions remain about how well they will work and if they will stem the pandemic. Importantly, the initial COVID-19 vaccines will prevent symptoms in those who become infected with the coronavirus rather than kill the virus itself, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases during the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit last month.

Fauci went on to say “the primary thing you want to do is that if people get infected, prevent them from getting sick, and if you prevent them from getting sick, you will ultimately prevent them from getting seriously ill”. “What I would settle for and all of my colleagues would settle for, is the primary endpoint to prevent clinically recognizable disease,” he said, “and that’s what we hope happens, and if we do, that will go a long way to diffusing this very difficult crisis that we’re in”.

When I read this it raised a question, isn’t the virus currently being spread by asymptomatic, infected people? This is why we have highly educated researchers and experts because the rationale confuses the typical layperson (me)! As always, there is more to the story, if you are curious and want to watch the summit in its’ entirety, read the full article. Stay the course, stay strong, stay well, mask up, and stay tuned!