Vaccine Talk – Again!

Angie Szumlinski News

Yes, I am here to talk about the pandemic, I know, old news and everyone is pandemic weary. That said, over the past 4 months, I have realized that no matter how weary we are, we can’t let our guard down! The Delta variant should be a wake-up call for everyone, especially front-line workers, yes, you! Think about how comfortable we became in late spring, remember? Then BAM, what a surprise right? Maybe not!

To avoid any political discord, my opinions are not intended to judge an individual’s decision. However, putting the numbers aside, a recent “modeling study” conducted in British Columbia supports the importance of essential workers being vaccinated. Sure, other factors play into the spread of infection including handwashing, social distancing, mask-wearing, etc. but the modeling indicates that vaccines may have a bigger impact.

Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion and choice however when working the front lines, often referred to as the “combat zone”, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that the nurse starting your IV or the fireman putting out your house fire is vaccinated? That, although not a guarantee, the likelihood of contracting the virus from one of these vaccinated essential workers is lower than with someone who is unvaccinated. You decide, whatever your decision, stay well, stay informed and stay tuned!