Volunteers Needed for Dementia Care & Psychotropic Tracking Tool

Angie SzumlinskiAnnouncements

The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign is looking for users to provide important feedback on our new Dementia Care & Psychotropic Tracking Tool. The pilot will take place in September. For more information on how to get involved, email help@nhqualitycampaign.org.

Information about the tool:

As we work to eradicate the misuse of psychotropic medications for individuals living with dementia, a key focus must be on individualizing care. The first step is to understand the array of expressions an individual may use and what they mean. The Campaign is developing a new tool to support long-term care communities in this work, starting with knowing the people we serve, what brings them joy and delight, and what causes distress.

As a pilot tester, you will provide important feedback to the Campaign on what can be improved on the tracking tool, including how it functions and the reports it produces. The pilot will take place in September.