What Time is It?

Angie Szumlinski News

Did you know that when we switch from “Standard Time” (ST) to “Daylight Savings Time” (DST) that there is an increase in traffic accidents, cardiovascular events, and other health hazards? Geez, and we thought we just lost an hour of sleep, right? Well, studies have shown that there are many negatives to losing that one hour of sleep every spring, and the Senate has decided to pass the Sunshine Protection Act. This legislation proposed making daylight saving time (DST) permanent in the U.S.

Is this a good thing for everyone? Well, many researchers are saying “no”! If you remember your science courses in college, we all have a “circadian clock” that controls our daily behaviors, such as our sleep-wake and fasting-eating cycles. These “clocks” are normally aligned and kept in sync with the environmental day-night cycle and synchronized with the sun. What does this mean? Our bodies are synched with ST, so switching to DST permanently would misalign our clocks!

Consider this, there would be 75 to 100 more dark morning commutes under DST compared to permanent ST. Additionally, researchers have found that misalignment of our circadian clocks can lead to cognitive impairment, mood dysregulation, a reduction in glucose regulation, and insulin sensitivity but the most frightening risk is weight gain! Okay, they got me on weight gain, hmmm….I am not an expert in circadian clocks or the risk/benefit of ST versus DST but the findings in the article referenced make me stop and wonder! Be inquisitive, don’t sit back and wait to be told what time it is, check it out! Stay the course, stay informed, and be well!