ACIP Public Meetings

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ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) has been responding to an ongoing pandemic and accelerated vaccine development through evidence-based recommendations for the use of COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. civilian population. The COVID-19 Work Group meets weekly and the topics covered include:

  • Safety updates
  • COVID-19 in children
  • Plans for clinical studies of COVID vaccine in children
  • Plans for vaccine effectiveness studies
  • Clinical guidance for the use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

The meetings are open to the general public and here are the rules of conduct:

  • An interested person who wishes to make an oral public comment during an ACIP meeting should submit a request with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before the meeting according to the instructions in the Federal Register Notice. Those who have not submitted a request before the meeting will only have an opportunity to speak as time permits or at the discretion of the chair.
  • Audience members may not present comments or questions to the Committee unless recognized by the Chair.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn (listen mode only) about the newest and greatest ways we are fighting this pandemic. The next scheduled/virtual meeting is on February 24-25, 2021. Stay the course, stay well, mask up, get vaccinated, and stay tuned!