Assist Device Recall

Angie SzumlinskiUncategorized

The associated press and NBC news recently published an article regarding the recall of adult portable bed handles as the device being recalled has been identified as contributing to the deaths of three people.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the recall involves handles sold by Bed Handles Inc., of Blue Springs, MO.  (Link to complete article below).

These types of devices have been used for many years and similar products continue to be sold and used with frail elderly residents.  HealthCap highly discourages this practice and our risk management team are trained to observe for risks associated with devices attached to resident beds.  As an industry we have come a long way at reducing risk of injury to our residents through exemplary fall prevention programs, elopement prevention programs and the reduction of restraints/side rails. 

It is unfortunate that we continue to read about deaths related to devices we have installed with the goal of improving safety.  We recommend that the interdisciplinary team assess each resident individually to identify the specific risks for that resident.  There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” risk management program as each resident’s needs are specific to them.

There is endless research being done on risk management and resident safety.  Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other providers, durable medical suppliers, etc. to identify new strategies that are proving to be successful.  Avoid the path of easy and focus on success.  This is sometimes a more difficult path but is generally more sustainable long term.  As always feel free to contact your risk manager for assistance!