Burnout Risks

Angie Szumlinski Health, Studies

In an interesting article published in the American Journal of Critical Care, a national survey-based study, conducted by the Ohio State University College of Nursing in Columbus identified that nurses who perceived high levels of wellness support from their organizations were more than twice as likely to have better health than nurses who reported not having supportive worksites.

This study utilized validated instruments including the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire-2, the Patient Health Questionnaie-2, the Professional Quality of Life Scale, and the Perceived Stress Scale-4. The most common complaints were physical health problems such as musculoskeletal disability from lifting and shifting patients as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol, poor nutrition and binge eating.

Nurses who felt their workplace was supportive of their overall health, were twice as likely to have better physical health. We can all work harder at making our work “families” feel supported, even the best of us have room to give just a little bit more. Take a minute to review your current environment and practices, are you doing all you can? It just might prevent the next burnt out nurse from calling in sick! Stay well, mask as appropriate and stay tuned!