Unvaccinated Patients – Hospitalizations

Angie Szumlinski Health

Preliminary data from the Cleveland Clinic suggests that most people hospitalized for coronavirus aren’t fully vaccinated.

“From January first to around mid-April, we’ve had around 4,300 admissions to the hospital with COVID. Of those patients, 99% were not fully vaccinated”, said Eduardo Mireles, MD, Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

Researchers looked at nearly 2,000 hospital workers who had contracted COVID-19. They studied infections in the four months after the vaccine was offered. Results show 99.7% of infections in this group occurred among those who were unvaccinated.

They also found coronavirus MRNA vaccines to be more than 97% effective in protecting against COVID-19.

Seriously? If you haven’t been vaccinated, maybe it is time to look into your options. Data doesn’t lie and viruses will eventually find their way to the weakest among us. Don’t take a chance, and don’t wait for “herd immunity;” protect yourself and those you love!

Stay well and stay tuned!