CDC Updates – Contraindications – COVID-19 Vaccine

Angie Szumlinski Announcements, Health

The CDC previously released guidelines for contraindications to vaccinations; however, it has now broadened these guidelines to include those with a history of an immediate allergic reaction to previous doses of or any component of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, including polyethylene glycol. According to the updated interim guidance, anyone with a history of immediate allergic reaction of any severity to any component of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines or to polysorbate should not be vaccinated.

Additionally, anyone who has developed a severe allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis after the first dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine should not receive a second dose. “This guidance is being updated primarily because starting in a few days, people who got their first dose will be eligible to receive a second dose and we thought providers needed more guidance,” said the CDC’s Sarah Mbaeyi, MD. “We are continuously reevaluating our guidelines to make sure they are based on the best available information so providers have more information available when people started coming in for their second dose of vaccines.”

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