Spotlight on HealthCap Heroes:

Angie SzumlinskiNews

Beecher Manor of Beecher, Illinois

In our search for HealthCap Heroes, we have found some truly incredible and inspiring individuals. However, in the case of Beecher Manor, we found heroism not just in one individual, but in an entire community that has displayed comradery, passion, and dedication towards protecting the safety of those residing in the facility. This ‘affectionately entwined’ community is made up of not only staff members and residents, but also a group of people we have not yet heard of being recognized for their heroic efforts: resident families.

Beecher Manor says all members of their team are deserving of recognition for their displays of strength during these trying times. Thank you to Beecher Manor for sharing this with us, and thank you to each and every one of the heroes that have had an impact on these residents and each other!

The familiar adage “there is no I in team” has high-level application to the serious health challenges that continue to impact the world community. Beecher Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation in Beecher, Illinois is appreciative and proud of the many ‘above and beyond’ personnel and their families, who have responded to these difficult times with exemplary energy and steadfastness to our residents, residents’ families, and to one another.  Unquestionably – all are deserving of being described as heroes.

Our residents and their families are affectionately entwined with our Beecher Manor team and we recognize them as significant stars. Their patience, esprit de corps, and support have been an inspiration.

We hope that everyone will be blessed with enduring health and happiness commensurate with the much-valued self-sacrifice that they have demonstrated.

– Beecher Manor

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