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Frailty – Fact or Fiction

Angie SzumlinskiHealth, Studies

Many scholarly articles have been written regarding the incidence of frailty in the geriatric population and the negative outcomes related to frailty. In the post-acute care sector, we have just recently embraced the frailty idea and are working with different organizations, software companies, and assessment tools to assist in determining the level of frailty in our residents.

The goal of identifying frailty is to develop a plan of care to prevent negative outcomes. Click To Tweet

A recent study was conducted that caught my interest as it shows that there is a definite connection between prescription pain medications and prescription sleep aids and frailty.

“The primary findings of this study are that regular use and co-use of prescription drugs for pain and for sleep are significantly associated with increased incidence of frailty, a multiple system medical syndrome associated with increased risk of loss of independence and mortality”.

Gulcan Cil, PhD, Juyoung Park, PhD, Andrew W. Bergen, PhD.

As we continue the assessment journey and identifying risks prior to negative outcomes, this study may assist you. Please click the link below to read the study in its entirety.