It is a Digital Age!

Angie SzumlinskiAnnouncements, News

The Mayo Clinic, in partnership with the digital health start-up Safe Health Systems, has launched a new health and connected diagnostics platform that can be used to store COVID-19 testing and vaccination data, as well as test results for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other medical conditions.

“Mayo Clinic Platform believes that the future of virtual care includes on-demand diagnostic testing, including the tracking of lab results and proof of vaccine administration in support of the post-COVID-19 new normal,” says John Halamka, MD, President, Mayo Clinic Platform. “Safe Health Systems, working with Mayo Clinic, will provide the suite of apps and services that universities, employers and organizations need to restart in-person activities and support new care models.”

SAFE’s initial focus is enabling testing for COVID-19, sexually transmitted diseases, and common ailments. The platform is actively deployed for COVID-19 testing, linking patients, clinicians, and test providers via HealthCheck®, an advanced smartphone, and desktop application. As COVID-19 vaccinations become available, the application will support vaccine workflow and verification.

For more information on another new, innovative program please visit the Mayo Clinic website. Stay well, stay safe, and stay tuned!