man with chronic pain

Osteoarthritis and You!

Angie SzumlinskiHealth

I don’t know about you but as I age, I am feeling the effects of the “Ritis Brothers,” yep arthritis! I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and commented that if I’m sitting on a flat surface like the floor, my hips just don’t work as well when I try to get up. Very sad indeed as I consider myself pretty active!

So, when I read an article in Medscape that said there is no “cure” for hip OA, I was a little bummed because I’m certainly too young for a hip replacement and likely wouldn’t qualify! Sure, I know I can take NSAIDS and get temporary relief, but darn wouldn’t it be great to avoid medications? The article went on to say that exercise may be effective in preventing the advancement of hip OA, slowing down the progression to hopefully avoid needing hip replacements!

Although this is exciting news, don’t go out and register for a marathon. They are specifically referring to “moderate physical activity” as it assists in maintaining muscle strength. Each person is individual and unique; what might work for you might not work for your partner so don’t force your opinions on them. Bottom line, get out and take a walk, lift some free weights, do a few squats and appreciate your ability to stay active even if you aren’t as agile as you were a few years ago!

Stay well, stay informed, and stay tuned!