Pandemic and the Impact on Families

Angie SzumlinskiFeatured

What a year it has been; actually, it has been almost 18 months and we are still battling the pandemic war. Honestly, did anyone predict that we would still be spreading the virus by this time in 2021? I certainly didn’t, but here we are! So, at the end of the day, what impact did this have on our seniors and their families? Hard to know as everything we gather information wise is “self-reported,” right?

According to data from the new 2021 Senior Care Outlook Survey, family caregivers and older adults are both concerned about their financial well-being and struggling to make decisions on care options. Home care is on the rise as seniors are opting to stay at home versus moving into congregate living environments for fear of contracting the virus. Family and caregivers are split on the best kind of care for their loved ones while seniors are choosing to age in place.

Although vaccinations are making more family caregivers and older adults more hopeful and less fearful, we need to be cautious. There are cases of breakthrough infections in the elderly even after being fully vaccinated! Bottom line, do what works for you and your loved one. If home health is where they want to be and you can safely accommodate that option, go for it! But remember to be alert to changes in their mental status and be sure they are able to transfer safely, ambulate independently, maintain their nutrition and hydration, and not isolate.

Stay well, stay informed, and stay tuned!