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Photoshoots for Loved Ones

Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls, Iowa has been deeply considerate of the effect new visitation limits has had on both residents and family. The ‘outside world’ has worked hard to make them feel thought of and loved, with family members sending increased amounts of mail and even kids from the community giving homemade cards and coloring books. Staff at Heritage recently decided that they wanted to return the favor and let those on the outside know that they are being thought of too. They told us, “we treasure mail inside these walls, but in these difficult times of no visitors, it’s important to send out the love as well.”

Realizing that many families no longer have recent pictures of their loved ones, they decided seeing a loved one’s face would be a great way to spread some joy. They set up a photo shoot using flowers, hats, and message boards to add some fun to the pictures, and the response from residents was incredible. With many words of thanks and abundant smiles, each got be creative and pick out the props they wanted in their portrait.

Once printed down, the snapshot was sent to their families along with a personal note card the resident signed themselves. Family members say they have been brought to tears seeing their loved one’s handwriting again, and adore the pictures. In the words of Heritage, “a smile is a universal language and a picture is the best way to capture that…and it will last forever.” We agree! Thank you to all the staff members that made this thoughtful project happen. You are shining examples of HealthCap Heroes spreading joy!

“in these difficult times… it’s important to send out the love as well”

Check out Heritage Care Center’s Facebook page below for more great pictures!