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Brookestone Acres

All of our HealthCap facilities are getting creative with how they engage residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our HealthCap Hero of the day, Brookstone Acres, is doing just that by turning one of their regularly scheduled traditional groups into a “talk show” for their residents! Under normal circumstances, this group meets around a table to share stories, discuss various topics, and enjoy each other’s company. In order to keep the spirit of this gathering alive, staff at Brookstone Acres have created a Facility Channel that they use for a variety of groups; music entertainment, YouTube videos, comedians, TV shows, movies, etc. During the Talk Show, two of the Life Enrichment Assistants share positive world news, ask trivia, and tell entertaining and funny stories. Residents love that the assistants are not afraid to be goofy on air. Staff at Brookstone Acres say that “even when all of this is done and over with, we will continue to utilize the new skills we have learned from this experience”. Their next challenge? Coming up with a name for their new talk show!