Java and Longevity

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Hooray! Finally! I guess if you wait long enough good things CAN happen! In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers evaluated the association of sugar-sweetened, artificially sweetened, and unsweetened coffee with all-cause mortality. Of course, this publication came out AFTER I decided to give up my hazelnut Coffee Mate! In previous studies, they did not distinguish …

2 women walking for fitness

Steps Per Day

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Everyone has a fitness tracker or some other device that measures how active you are, how many hours of sleep you enjoy, etc. If you don’t have some sort of fitness tracking device, you are among the few people I know who don’t! I travel with a coworker who doesn’t use a fitness tracking device but whenever we walk, she …

Longevity and Cognition

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A project supported by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Aging (grant U19AG063893) called “Long Life Family Study” has gathered some interesting data that was published in this month. Their website also has a lot of interesting information, a definite read for those of us caring for elders! In response to a request for applications from the …