Brush it Off – NOT!

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Okay all you moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, please stop telling your little ones to “brush it off” or “don’t cry” when they get hurt. Be honest, we have all done it and worse, sometimes we even say, “quit being a baby!” I know, we are terrible people, but recent research has actually shown that crying, screaming cursing (yes …

Are we doing the right things for pain management?

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In a recent article written by J Bryan Conrad, PhD1; Ann Monis, PsyD2; Elizabeth B Hooper, PsyD2 in reference to a study on pain management for long term care facilities, pain was positively correlated with female gender, fractures, pressure ulcers, falls, sleeping disorders, cancer, unstable health conditions, a number of drugs and depression. The authors also found that a high number …

Mature man overwhelmed with a pain in the stomach from constipation

Pain Management

Angie Szumlinski Studies

Have you ever experienced pain, gone to the doctor’s office and received pain medications? Well, we all know that we are experiencing an opioid crisis today and mainly due to the over-use of pain medications. True story, a family member had some minor, outpatient procedure performed and was discharged with a prescription for pain medications. Yep, an opioid! Fortunately, it …