The Next Meal…Food for Thought

Lisa O'NeillHealth, Studies

Researchers in France conducted a study focusing on diet, the combination of foods consumed, and the impact it may have on dementia. What the researchers found is that it wasn’t necessarily the quantity of food that was a determining fact in diagnosis, but rather food choices. The study participants were those living with dementia and patients with no symptoms or diagnosis of dementia. The two groups were studied over a five-year period and the results indicate that processed meats, starchy foods, and sweets were food “combination hubs” for those diagnosed with dementia. However, those eating a diet consisting of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seafood were less likely to be diagnosed with dementia. Just some food for thought!

You can read a recent article from McKnight’s Long Term Care, titled “Food combinations may affect dementia risk, researchers suggest” for more information.