The Virus Crisis

Angie SzumlinskiNews

It has been said that we are at war
With the coronavirus at our door.
And here at Heritage we have rules to obey
That will help make the virus go away.

We visit our families and friends by phone
When we get to feeling like we are alone.
We can get our exercise by taking a walk
And maybe meet someone with whom we can talk.

The workers here are busy each and every day
Keeping the germs of the virus at bay.
They limit our groups to ten people or less,
A task that takes planning to address.

We have an ambitious kitchen crew
That serves all of us, and that’s quite a few.
They deliver our meals three times a day
Helping to keep the dreaded virus away.

We can do no shopping or run errands anymore
The germs may be lurking somewhere in the store.
It’s like playing a game of hide and seek
From a common enemy, the “Virus Geek!”

There is a positive side, to say the least
In avoiding the arrival of this beast.
What is more important than all of one’s wealth
When it involves the protection of everyone’s health?

So cheer up, folks, let’s not be crass.
We know that this situation, too, shall pass.
Let’s just trust the Lord that through this test
He will do for us what He knows is best.

Agnes Andreasen (95 years old)
The Heritage at Sagewood
Grand Island, NE