Think About the Poor Hot Dog!

Angie Szumlinski News

Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, what’s not to love, the all-American way? I grew up at the old Tiger stadium, watching the greatest players like Willie Horton, Lance Parish and Alan Trammel, while munching on a delicious hot dog (too young for the beer)! So, imagine my dismay when a study was published saying that you could lose 36 minutes of healthy life for every hot dog you ate!

Sounds ridiculous right? But the good news is that the study also said that if you eat two portions of sesame seeds you can add 50 extra minutes of life and possibly extend your life by 10.6 days. I agree with the journalist who wrote a commentary regarding this study, what the heck? Just eat the tops of two hamburger buns with your hot dog and it will offset the “detrimental” effects of the hot dog.

Maybe it is time that we all sit down, take a deep breath, recover from the COVID pandemic, and maybe eat a hot dog (with mustard, onions and a double dose of sesame seeds)? I won’t tell, I promise! Stay well, stay informed and stay tuned!