International Infection Prevention Week

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During International Infection Prevention Week, October 14 – 20, help break the chain of infection by educating health care professionals, administrators, legislators and consumers about the importance of preventing infections in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) and improving outcomes. Click on the following links for more information and resources about promoting infection prevention in long-term care. Infection Prevention and You: Long-Term Care …

AHRQ Safety Program for Improving Antibiotic Use

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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and NORC at The University of Chicago, created the AHRQ Safety Program for Improving Antibiotic Use to develop and implement a bundle of interventions designed to improve antibiotic stewardship and antibiotic prescribing practices across acute care, long-term care, …

Free AHRQ LTC Staff Training Materials on Condition Changes and Falls

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For a limited time, long-term care facilities can order up to 500 copies of three training tools to help staff at all levels of care prevent resident falls and detect and communicate changes in a resident’s condition. Free shipping is available for orders shipped within the U.S. and its territories through September 25. To order, use AHRQ Promo code 44 …

Volunteers Needed for Dementia Care & Psychotropic Tracking Tool

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The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign is looking for users to provide important feedback on our new Dementia Care & Psychotropic Tracking Tool. The pilot will take place in September. For more information on how to get involved, email Information about the tool: As we work to eradicate the misuse of psychotropic medications for individuals living with dementia, a …

J.D. Power Launches Senior Living Community Certification Program

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The senior housing industry now has its first-ever customer satisfaction benchmark, courtesy of a well-known consumer ratings giant. J.D. Power Launches Senior Living Community Certification Program The senior housing industry now has its first-ever customer satisfaction benchmark, courtesy of a well-known consumer ratings giant. J.D. Power will

Long-Term Care Facilities Invited to Join Antibiotic Stewardship Program

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Get the resources and training that your facility needs to run an effective antibiotic stewardship program by joining a 12-month national project. Beginning in December 2018, the AHRQ Safety Program for Improving Antibiotic Use provides participating long-term care facilities with antibiotic use guidelines, expert coaching, online education, improvement tools, patient education materials, and more to help you prevent harms associated with antibiotics, such …

Congratulations to HealthCap® Members who were awarded the 2018 Silver National Quality Award!

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We are proud to recognize the 2018 Silver Award recipients who are HealthCap® members. The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) bestowed this honor on 166 skilled nursing care centers and assisted living communities. We applaud the 15 HealthCap® members who achieved this distinction! Applicants must have earned a Bronze Award to be eligible for …

Register Now: National Quality Forum (NQF) March 29 Webinar, May 1 Workshop On Opioid Stewardship

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Registration is open for a March 29 webinar and a May 1 workshop sponsored by the National Quality Forum on strategies for opioid stewardship. The webinar will highlight the NQP (National Quality Partners) Playbook™: Opioid Stewardship, developed in partnership with AHRQ. The playbook encourages health care organizations to develop realistic measurement strategies to assess key issues such as clinician prescribing …

Congratulations Quality Award Applicants!

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HealthCap would like to congratulate the 2018 Bronze, Silver and Gold AHCA/NCAL Quality Award applicants.  The quality journey is an ongoing process of evaluation and a commitment to achieving success.  Communities who have enjoyed success “live” the Baldrige criteria on a daily basis, everything done within the community is evaluated against this criteria and when necessary, systems are “re-created”.  This …

Great News for LNHAs!

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Great news for LNHAs! The NAB CE Registry Handbook for Administrations is now available at NAB’s CE Registry is the perfect solution to help you The NAB CE Registry is the first of its kind and will be free of charge to long term care licensees. This system will enable you to track both CE approved by NAB’s National Continuing …