Cancer Medication – Increased Risk for Falls

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Bortezomib is a common multiple myeloma therapy that can cause treatment-related peripheral neuropathy, a risk factor for falls. The relationship between bortezomib and falls in older patients with multiple myeloma is unknown. In a recent study published in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology, in older adults with multiple myeloma, bortezomib was associated with an increased risk of having a diagnostic …

Deprescribing Medications Related to Falls

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High-risk medications pose serious safety risks to older adults, including increasing the risk of falls. Deprescribing potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) in older adults who have experienced a fall is a key element of fall reduction strategies. However, continued use of PIMs in older adults is common, and clinicians may face substantial deprescribing barriers. A study published on was conducted …

Frailty and falls in the elderly

Patient-Centered Fall-Prevention Toolkit

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Falls represent a leading cause of preventable injury in hospitals and a frequently reported serious adverse event. Hospitalization is associated with an increased risk for falls and serious injuries including hip fractures, subdural hematomas, or even death. A recent, nonrandomized, controlled trial assessed whether a fall-prevention tool kit that engages patients and families in the fall prevention process throughout hospitalization …

Falls in Assisted Living

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Did you know… Falls in assisted living communities account for 50% of liability claims 80% of falls go unwitnessed Falls can cost up to $50 billion/year 72% of falls occur in the resident’s bedroom 44% of residents indicate that their mobility aid was out of reach Interesting statistics, right? What is alarming is that 80% of falls go unwitnessed and …

What Price?

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The cost of a fall among older adults requiring emergency services is unclear, especially beyond the acute care period. In a recent study, medical expenditures (costs) to 1 year among community-dwelling older adults who fell and required ambulance transport, including acute versus post-acute periods, the primary drivers of cost and comparison to baseline expenditures were evaluated. Results showed that the …

Frailty and falls in the elderly

Alzheimer’s – Antipsychotics – Brain Injury

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As caregivers, we are all aware that residents with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease are at higher risk for falls and head injuries. What we didn’t know until recently is that current trends in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease with antipsychotic medications may actually be increasing these risks. The results of a recent study published in the Journal of …

Post-Fall Huddles – Is Your Team Engaged?

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We have all heard about, talked about or participated in post-fall huddles hoping to improve outcomes for our residents. A recent study conducted by BMC Health Services has identified that post-fall huddles may reduce the risk of repeat falls. Staff who participate in post-fall huddles are likely to have positive perceptions of teamwork support for fall-risk reduction and safety culture …

Fall Related Deaths Increasing, Improved Advice for OAs Needed

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A new study suggests that typical fall prevention advice for seniors is mostly ineffective. Almost three times as many adults aged 75 years and older died from falls in 2016 than in 2000 (25,189 people in 2016 compared to 8613 in 2000) (Journal of the American Medical Association). Experts suggest a more personalized approach to fall prevention as well as …

Frailty and falls in the elderly

Frailty and Falls in the Elderly

Angie Szumlinski Health, Studies

Angie SzumlinskiDirector, HealthCap Risk Management Services Resident falls continue to challenge our communities, it is the highest cause of rehospitalizations, negative outcomes, immobility and claims in long-term/post-acute care. There are many products on the market that appear to have some promise in early identification of fall risk including the use of assessment tools to measure the level of frailty. The …